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KISA PATENT & TRADEMARK FIRM has provided professional intellectual property services including patents, designs, and trademarks since its establishment in1986. We have been doing our best to establish friendly and reliable relationships between our clients through close contact.

Kentaro Yokoi

By making good use of our experience, we make a commitment to provide excellent service corresponding to globalization of intellectual property services.

We are now more determined to devote ourselves to our work so as to further enhance the quality of our services. We are most grateful to receive your favorable and continued support.

Kentaro Yokoi Representative & senior partner

Management Creed / KISA PHILOSOPHY

KISA PATENT & TRADEMARK FIRM takes pride in incorporating the following values
into our work:

・Buildning up our store of Knowledge

・Effectively utilizing our combined Intelligence

・Handling every case entrusted to us with utmost Sincerity

・Showing our Appreciation to our clients, partners and society



In October 1986, our firm was founded by Saburo Kimura and Soji Sasaki under the name "Kimura Sasaki & Partners" and it launched operations under the partnership of both founders and Hisao Kobayashi. In April 1987, Noboru Omura joined the partnership.

In January 2003, ownership of our firm was assigned from the founders to N. Omura and H. Kobayashi and its business operations were continued under the new partnership of both assignees and Kiyoshi Ajima. In April 2003, Norio Takanashi joined the new partnership.

In May 2005, our firm changed its name to "Kisa Patent & Trademark Firm."

In January 2009, Kenji Murakami joined the new partnership, and Omura became an advisor.

In January 2012, our firm became a body corporate.

In January 2014, Attorney Kiyoshi Ajima takes a post as the Head of the firm. Attorney Kentaro Yokoi joined the new partnership. Hisao Kobayashi, former Representative and senior partner, takes a post as Advisor.

In January 2016, Attorney Daijyu Honzawa and Attorney Toshiyuki Takeuchi joined the new partnership. Norio Takanashi, former senior partner, takes a post as Advisor.



Partners :

the Head of the firm
Representative & senior partner
(General Manager of PD Div.)

Kentaro Yokoi

Partner (Manager of PD Div.)

Sachie Kozeni

Partner (Manager of TM Div.)

Fumihiko Katsumata

Organization :